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Tech Support via BIOS, any other boards have this?


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Hey all,


Just browing through the Fatal1ty Z87 Professional bios and found a tech support section. Seems like you can send an email straight from the BIOS to request tech support. Does any other board have this? It's a genuine question - first time I ever saw this but I don't usually look for it. It's not really a super-useful function for us overclockers, but pretty neat idea nonetheless!



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It's on all the boards, and in the A-Tuning OS software on the disk ;)



The UEFI Tech Service option is designed to send problem reports to ASRock directly from the BIOS. This feature only works if you have a wired Ethernet connection to the internet, and sends ASRock an email with the BIOS information used as well as a description provided by the user. There is a similar feature in the OS software.


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The Z77 board had a tech support emailer program for Windows, but not BIOS.

That's kind of cool. Wonder if their tech support is actually worth talking to.


I could have sworn I read somewhere about a tech support chat built into BIOS on something. Don't remember what or where though.

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