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Multi Core PI @ LINPACK - Unified Benchmark


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Meet Multi Core PI @ LINPACK!


Multi Core PI is a multithreaded CPU benchmark that calculates PI decimals using Bailey–Borwein–Plouffe formula. Default setting for benchmark is 80000 decimals.


Multi Core LINPACK is a multithreaded CPU benchmark that performs numerical linear algebra. It makes use of the BLAS (Basic Linear Algebra Subprograms) libraries for performing basic vector and matrix operations. Default setting for benchmark is a Matrix size of 4000.


The benchmark is written in Visual C++ and provide excellent parallelism.




Submit to HWBOT


You can submit results to HWBOT. When you press <Create datafile for HWBOT> a screenshot of the entire screen and a crypted XML datafile will be created. Attention! CPUZ must be running!


Supported operating systems


Microsoft Windows XP / Server 2003

Microsoft Windows Vista / 7

Microsoft Windows 8 / Server 2012


Download link



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This is not because the datafile is corrupted. I get the same message from time to time myself with the same datafile. Is a HWBOT bug, I don't know how to solve it.


Originally Posted by tphase

Hello sire.


Please HELP! From time to time, I get the UNABLE TO PARSE THE DATAFILE, when trying to submit the crypted XML datafile to HWBOT. The file is correctly encrypted, respects HWBOT standards but sometimes we cannot submit.


Any help?


It is not because the datafile is corrupted.

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As far as I know nothing changed on our backend, so I don't see how it would work before and not anymore. Are you sure it's a bug on our end?


I can tell you for sure that I have encountered the same problem with my personal datafile. The next day when I tried to submit again, it worked. With the same datafile.


Some users encounter the same problem. The only solution was try again later.


I will ask users who cannot submit because of this message to attach their datafile here and if you agree I will send you by PM the encryption keys to test by yourself and see if we can both solve this.


Thank you very much.

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Pi worked fine today, Linpack did not; submitting direct from the PC that made the result. Is something wrong with the key generation? I had to download the latest version to get PI to work, but Linpack is a dodo atm for me


Everything is OK with key generation. I tried right now, and here it is [with the version available for download]:




If you get "Unable to parse data file", please attach the data file and I will announce <Massman> about this. I think maybe there is a bug on their back end.

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Not sure if this "feature" is included already, but if the benchmark is not run at stock, can the submit to HWBot button be greyed out? :)


If the benchmark is not executed at default settings for HWBOT, you will get a message and you cannot submit. You want the button to be disabled?

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Multi Threaded PI @ LINPACK v6.0






New Download Link








Video Presentation



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Native - No .NET dependencies

Development tool - Visual C ++ 2013

Architecture: x86 32 bit


SCORING ON HWBOT IS THE SAME. I have only redesigned the UI.


News - For PI you can disable parallelization [via Properties window] in order to make comparisons between single-threaded and the multi-thread version. LINPACK runs only multithreaded.


The application is written entirely in Visual C ++. The graphical user interface is redesigned for efficiency. In the Properties window are displayed the default settings for each benchmark and CPU informations [type, number of cores and frequency].


For PI you can enable or disable parallelization [Multi Core: YES / NO]







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