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Need help with overclocking intel 945pm express chipset


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Hello, I'm trying to overclock my CPU (all specs of my laptop can be found in my signature) but I'm finding it rather tricky as the computer seems to "lock" me out from accessing, reading or writing to the SMBus (for example, CPU-Z cannot tell me my RAM Specs) so SetFSB simply gives me SMBus error whatever PLL I choose. I know my PLL is ICS9LPR309AKLF, I have SetFSB 2.1.78. Can someone please shed a bit of light on my problem!!!

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I tried RW-Eveything, it just gave me SMBus Device Access error, which is either I got the address of the SMBus wrong, or it doesn't work, how are you meant to find out the SMBus address for RW Everything? Also, I don't mind if I have to open up my laptop, I don't mind opening my notebook again because I have opened it like 10 times now so I know how to do it

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some lappy's of these gen have a PLL 'slave' that acts as a "safegaurd" against clock change/skew.. for those, you have to open the lappy and short the slave for the PLL changes to actually apply.


*it should detect the PLL and display clocks correctly.. you say you get error as soon as you select the PLL though? You have correct chipset drivers installed in OS?

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