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Last year I spent quite a while looking into eSports and the organisation and I was not too impressed with the level of professionalism. Last night I stumbled upon the Lolesports.com website and spend the next three hours looking at various movies and explanatory articles.


This is just crazy. Check out the Season2 re-cap video above!


First time I was genuinly impressed with eSports, I guess. Damn!

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Yeah, that's what I was told as well. From what I gather, they have a multi-divisional league structure where the Professional teams are being paid to go from venue to venue and live in a house near that venue. All paid by LCS.


Very impressive indeed.

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Looking at pure cash prizes "The International" event is quite impressive too (2.6M$ so far for the next edition beginning of August).


The game is different (Dota2) but the company developing the game (Valve) is backing the whole thing quite heavily too.


The way they raise the cash prize money is quite clever as well.

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we did an event last weekend at PAXAus the biggest event of its type ever in AU


LoL were there, the whole setup, organization, massive booth was very impressive,


These guys gave TeamAU a little bit of a kick in the ass as to what professionalism is, e-sports is so similar to overclocking, but different in the fact that so many more people are involved,


however lots of lessons for us to learn from organizations like LoL on how we should be approaching what we do

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