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  1. That's seems a bit much just for accommodation, you don't have to stay on the Strip. I'll be there for work.
  2. I'll come by too, this session is always fun.
  3. I think that's the difference, very few people in the batch thread test their chips with Prime95 for 1 hour. Stability difference between SPi 32M and Prime95 is pretty big.
  4. AFR replaces MFR so yes anywhere there was MFR there is now AFR....
  5. AFR is replacing MFR basically so it is already used on every SKUs (availibility for end user depends on the stock of MFR in the channel).
  6. you should be able to find AFR on retail modules right now (2133 to 3000).
  7. Yes, once we have all 10 finalists we will ship the motherboards. We have them here ready to ship.
  8. Awesome! Clearly makes Skylake Extreme OC easier.
  9. Thanks everyone for participating! Very happy to see some new names in the top spots.
  10. Last year was pretty similar, it was just separate qualifier for each regions. 1 spot is will be randomly given to anybody who made it in the top 20 and did not qualify, 1 lucky spot for 12 people is not too bad.
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