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The official Pro OC Cup Q4'13 thread.


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Same like the two previous cups, older scores are allowed. Perhaps we can change that for the next Season. Discuss in Pro OC subforum?


In my opinion allowing old results is a very good rule and should be all the time. Cause now PRO CUP guys don't have rankings, so let's say there is smaller motivation of pushing scores (of course there is also benching just for "benching" and it's fun, but let's say honestly it's better to have more motivation for benching). Now we can push 4-way, single gpu rigs and so on for no points, but we can use it later in PRO CUP. The same if golden cpu/gpu dies, we still can "use" this score. Eliminating old scores would demand from us having a lot more hw (more costs), use a lot more LN2 and so on. It would make PRO CUP worse in my opinion, especially for guys who still "suffer" from lost of PRO League (sorry, but individual ranking in PRO CUP in my opinion is NOT GOOD). Moreover, there are also new stages which are more focused on new hw launchdays and so on, or some strange combination, which need to run new scores from it. As you see there is no problem that one team is uploading only old results from the first day and completely not doing anything more.

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