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Ati Powercolor 4870 Lcs+ o Pcs+


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You can CF 4870 of any brands.


Hi TerraRaptor,


I have this:




I have tried other brands and models, but it´s up separately, but not much in CF




Bluescreen 116 :(


One of my 4870 was broken then I want to try the same model and brand.



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Strange issue. Are you using clean install for CF setups? I had no issues when CF 4850, 4870, 4870x2+4870x2 4870x2+4870 all different brands.

Are you sure that you have no issues with PSU and bridges? Why you use PCI-E x8 for CF setup in your second screen?


My psu is 1600w Lepa. Bridges i use one and two and no change.


Sometimes, depends of the GPU, inexplicably, my first pci-e gives low results (RIVE), then sometimes I try second and third pci-e, they gives me better punctuation.

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That is most probably overheating issue in CF (pay attention to vrm temps, not to core temps). Most 4870s were reference cards and were different only with bios. Try flashing the cards you have with the same bios and give it a try once again.



Well, now I have only one, the other died. The two had the same bios with unlocked core to 990. Thanks for all TerraRaptor, I will seek another 4870 and I will try again, but look that, are very different





But i will try again.



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