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Bug reports : Can't login


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Ticket ID: 1861


Priority: Medium


I can log into the forums with my details just fine, but on the main site it doesn\'t accept it. It\'s been awhile since I logged in so perhaps my forum and main account passwords are different but would appreciate if you could match my forum password to the main site login.

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Hm, I can't just match passwords because everything is encrypted. The easiest way might actually be to reset your password on the front page.


Can you PM me my front page PW please? Any PW I try that I use brings up the message - Sorry, invalid user password combination.


Was your old password incredibly short previously? I accidentally upped the lower limit from 4 to 6 this week, causing passwords shorter than 4 to be rejected even when trying to log in.


Nah, been more than 6.

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