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  2. Yeap, a lot of them. 15 euro by card is at least ten times less that what i spend to find them. @ ObscureParadox - you are not crazy ===))))
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  4. That explains so much...... I thought I was going crazy
  5. You should see the dead ones, 3 times more than what he has for sale :))).
  6. The collection! Haha. Would love to see how all of these are stored. Must be a wall full of gpu's 😉
  7. plz check out the new rules regarding submission ( requiring HWINFO monitoring tool )
  8. TridentZ F4-4000C19D-16GTZ is a good option, i have one kit they can do 4000 C12-11-11-28 1T, even up to 4133 C12-11-11-28 1T at reasonable voltage (2.07).. Max freq about 2340-ish MHz I have one kit 4133C18 A1 PCB 10 layer (Black HS, 18xx SN), they can do 4000 C12-11-11-28 1T but failed @ 4133C12, i dont know about the other (A2 PCB) most likely gold HS from team group
  9. Maximum turbo core clock 5.004 MHz detected by Systeminfo... plz also add HWINFO CPU freq monitoring tool for next submissions
  10. Was my first time setting a comp from scratch so that led to some mistakes. I didn't bother stating a monitoring tool because I didn't think I needed to as people should just be able to follow the rules, but if people want/need more structure then that's what'll happen. There's no real cost to running hwinfo as far as I'm aware, so may as well make it needed for all submissions, Leeg has just updated the OP. As Leeg said, I'm sorry for being slow on this, and I've also no issues extending it, @superpatodonaldo mentioned the fact the rules currently don't allow for disabled cores so I've changed that now.
  11. cbjaust

    Wrong list

    So edit your submission and add it to the correct hardware:
  12. It is still 40 days to go, but we can extend it. Anyway it was decided to use the graphics score, however for 3D06 this is not possible (unless changing the benchmark ofc) George can't be as active as he wants too atm, so I stepped in. I already updated the rules and to me its way more easy to implement the same for each benchmark. Sorry for those that already have a bunch of scores on their pendrive, but we need to get it right to avoid any further debates/discussions
  13. In the following thread: but don't hold your breath!
  14. For this submission: https://hwbot.org/submission/4127244_cbjaust_gpupi_v3.3_for_cpu___100m_fx_8350_53sec_747ms Under Memory Details please change the Product from Trident Z to TridentX i missed this at the time and can't edit since the comp has ended. thanks in advance!
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