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  3. My recent binning run was 16 chips(only 2012 and 2013 chips), but before that i allso had ~20 but no luck (2010 batches tend to suck)
  4. But it is 3:4 memory multiplier, not +33MHz. In fact, if we put +PCI (which translates into +33.3 at stock frequencies), then it will be 138.82+(33.3*1.3882)=185.05 mhz. This is confirmed by pll datasheets as well.
  5. Yes it does. Benchmarking is a total package, not just whipping your hardware. Overclocking is whipping your hardware. Benchmarking is actually doing something with your overclock.....which requires a little more thought and resourcefulness to get a better score. After all, the score is what matters, not just the overclock used.
  6. Hi, Do you already sold the Apex???
  7. @TAGG How many chips did it take for you to find a good one like those?
  8. Yesterday
  9. Don't get me wrong - I don't like change either but I also kind of feel like if I rank higher than someone else just because I had the time to figure out which O/S runs such and such benchmark faster that it really doesn't test my skill level or accurately gauge where I'm at. If there is a fallacy in this line of thought I'm more than willing to be corrected 🙂 EDIT: Just read what Mat's wrote above.... Mat - please - the first thing that would be helpful would be if you setup a donation link!
  10. My 6,15GHz X5690 does 4,55 1,3V making it my best chip, the 3rd 6GHz R15 chip (X5660 3152A970) does 4,45Ghz air but has coldbug of -160 so you can just bruteforce it One more X5690 is comming up on LN2 one of these days, allso does 4,55 / 1,3V so i have hopes for it being a 6GHz r15 chip as well
  11. @TAGG Around what would be the best on air, before scaling is considered?
  12. Not too crazy, 4,5Ghz R15 @ 1,3V BIOS, but chip scales crazy good, might be limited by NB and/or RAM but didn't think about that while benching, there should be plenty of Vcore headroom, if it scales (run was at 1,7V BIOS)
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