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  3. Board acquired from @junior-21-. Solid seller, very patient and reasonable. +1 rep. Can be closed now.
  4. http:// I have been shopping around for new graphics cards for my AMD fx-6300 rig. It's a gigabyte board. I know it's not much of a processor to go off of, but at 4722 mhz @ 1.368v and a 40 degree 100% load temp in AIDA64 stability test is not bad. I have good water cooling for the cpu on a custom loop. It idles around 24. If I drop the cpu speed to 3800 mhz @ 1.172 volts, when I cold boot it was between 5 and 8 degrees. Slowly going up to a steady 15 degrees at idle, 23 under load. This was also in a very cold room. I'll be adding the graphics card to the loop tomorrow when I get the waterblock for the GPU and bigger pump. Enough about the processor. I want to talk about the GTX 970. I randomly came across a new looking one on offerup for $80 so I bought it. I knew nothing about this card in particular. But I do know about nvidia bios flashing. I still had nvflash from my gtx 780. So I poked around for custom bios' and came across one that eliminated boost. It also raised voltage and wattage and the core clock to 1520mhz. This is high from the factory 1346 on boost. And on air, this bios ended up being a little to hot to use for my liking. So I flashed back to the factory bios. Then for fun I tried one more BIOS and ended up bricking my card. Had to stick it into the 2nd gpu slot and stick another card in the first slot to flash back the gtx 970 to the factory BIOS. So I said enough BIOS flashing. But what about MSI afterburner. I opened up 3dMark and went to work. Straight factory settings, on Time Spy I scored a 3434. With a lot of room for temperature. I was still in the 50's with the GPU. So I raised the core clock 26 mhz at a time and on the stock voltage of 1.200 volts, I was abler to pull off a 104+ overclock for a constant 1471 in 3dmark. It got like a 3641 in Time Spy. Amazingly, the maximum temp I reached with the GPU at these speeds was only 64 degrees. The GPU failed at 117 mhz at stock voltage. So when I put this thing on water tomorrow, I am just going to go into the bios and raise the maximum voltage to about 1.225, and also raise the maximum wattage up not too much though. And I'm not going to touch the clock speeds in the BIOS. I'll probably leave boost because it boosts 100% of the time in 3d mode anyways. It works good. I'll just use afterburner to find where the GPU fails at that voltage and wattage. I'm guessing around 1523 mhz will be the max. Overall, I am extremely impressed with the performance of this cheap ddr3 rig, with a CPU max temp of 41 degrees during render test on 4700mhz, and the GPU at 1471mhz on air only got to 64 degrees. I can't wait to put this GPU on water tomorrow so I can really raise the power to this thing. Memory was 1866mhz 11 .11 .11 .35 .1. https://valid.x86.fr/n06uzr
  5. Yes, that's correct. AGP frequency is not a problem, the card can work@100+ MHz. Don't know how much more the PCI could handle, but I guess it might not be a problem. The board is a PITA to mod. It is using separate controller for the CPU, can mod it easily (bios limited to +10% which results in 1.775V for the test Sempron 2200+). I can go up to 2V via software in windows though. And there's a FB pin, so this should be an easy mod. The rest (Vagp, Vnb, Vdimm and Vsb) are controlled by a single LM324. Vagp and Vnb are tied together, so incresing Vagp will increase chipset voltage as well. Vsb is 2.7V. Vdimm is problematic. I guess something else is fed with Vdimm and when the DRAM votlage is increased to 3+ the board gets unstable and hardly even POSTs when 2 DIMMs installed. If it boots, then it freezes randomly. The only solution I see is to use separate power for DRAM, e.g. lift the mosfet leg and get power from a DC-DC buck converter, but I will have to order some. "High" setting for Vdimm from bios translates to around 2.64V, but when 2 modules installed the voltage drops to 2.44V. I have tried direct 3.3V rail mod and it behaves the same. Also tried OCZ Booster (which is the same, but source is 5V rail) and still freezing, although I can't really use it for benching on this board, because the slots are very close to each other and it interferes with one of the slots used for dual-channel configuration. On top of that, the mod area is very crammed with all the slots and elements around it. The LM324 chip is between first AGP slot and the expansion card slot. As you might guess 2.44V is not really enough for anything with BH-5 and tight timings. Running different divider than 1:1 means performance loss. So..waiting for the buck converter. Can't figure bios modding out. It's AMI, but all amibcp tools I tried say "bios checksum incorrect" and refuse to load. There's only one good bios for this board (Performance bios M1.00), which has the timings unlocked. It's a "beta" from Asrock.
  6. If there is any interest I will put my x399 asrock taichi bundled with a 1920x and 32gb of ram. I won't upload pictures unless there is someone xinterested because I have to turn my vm server off to get to it.
  7. Yesterday
  8. New official Apex X BIOS released today. Safe to assume "Support Intel upcoming CPU" is the 9900KS.
  9. Amazing numbers guys Does anyone have bios 0057 for the crosshair 8 hero guys ? Would highly appreciate it if someone could share that bios please ! Have heard it makes a big difference with CB and CBB ? Thanks in advance again guys
  10. Thank you. I don't know anymore man... A mod removed a score of mine not that long ago saying that on low res I could more the CPU-Z where it is here. I did that because of specific instructions from a mod. If needed I can take some pictures of the actual server. I still have 4 that I need to assemble before they go into production. Higher res is a no go, I had to install the GPU driver, something I usually do not do, just to get this res, and my monitor refuses to go higher, I have no other monitor. It is not very common to run high res on servers where you only need video output for setting up stuff...
  11. This rx 580 still has tighter memory in it, might have to try for 2250 later
  12. @Wizerty I benched recently a 3900x which had cb -120, same d6 and sometimes some weird codes ....no matter what fclk i tried from 1500 to 933, nothing changed, cpu was quite good on air doing cinebench 4500@1.35v on ambient temps no special cooling. My 3800x doesn't like -160 zone so i either boot -150 or -170. I guess the cpu's with disabled cores have some issues or it is a matter of luck to find a cpu not having issues on cold.
  13. Is there any special Zen 2 bios for Crosshair VI Extreme or Hero?
  14. Nice score, unfortunately can't cover the left tab at all. Do you not have a higher res available?
  15. I have only tested up to 4k 12-11-11-28 and it did that perfectly fine with 1.9 volts
  16. @Mythical tech Any chance they clock well?
  17. Yeah they are in rough shape phy but still work well. To clarify they are not inc with the board I just had them in to make sure the board was fully functional.
  18. Is that some teamgroup ddr4 I see with the Apex?
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