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  1. My Trident Z 3600 16-16 1T works flawless even under 1.3v, works 3733 16-16 1T with stock volts too. Currently using Gene with bios 0014, but have to try another bios, cause with this bios i have serious problems getting these work +3600 12-12 1T..
  2. Have you tested those on Maximus VIII? Can i wait about similar results with it?
  3. They were sale on Europe atleast, bought one already, but currently sold out.
  4. Ty very much! You saved lot of my precious time, how much do I owe?
  5. Hi,


    Your guide did not fully explained RTL / IOL settings. There are 4 settigs for each channel of both (4 RTL's for A channeld etc..), so if you wanna use let's say 57 RTL (CHA) D0 and 51 on RTL (CHA) D1, should i use 57-57-51-57 on bios for channel A?


    I hope you understand what i mean. :)

  6. Look's good! BTW, have anyone tested extreme overclocking while computer is submerged to mineral oil and top of the LN2 pot is above the surface?
  7. Good Job Petri! Triple Point now officially released and i believe marketing works! Some kind of record here?
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