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  1. Alex has been around for quite sometime.
  2. Single stage Both P4C boards Commando (broken clip) e6800 e8600 QX6700 Q6600 3.2 SL7E5 3.2 SL6WG X2 3500+ ADA3200DEP4AW 6000+ ADV6000IAA5DO DELIDDED LID INCLUDDED 955 HDZ955FBKDGI PM'd or we can chat on Discord
  3. PM incoming on 1x 780Ti, 3870 x2 and 79070 Lightning.
  4. @Wasmachineman_NLTo who? Maybe they are wanting to part with it?
  5. I know these are rare but still hoping to find one. Shipping would be to US 60056 but willing to pay for international shipping, don't want to restrict to just US. No idea what prices for these may look like so shoot me a PM and we can discuss.
  6. PM sent for Cellshock and will take BH-5 and Booster if above falls through.
  7. Bump because I've been looking for one for the better part of a decade
  8. Looking for Asus Crosshair II, the one with NVIDIA nForce 780a SLI chipset. Shipping would be US. I have pretty much all payment options available, just let me know what works best.
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