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  1. Looking for Asus Crosshair II, the one with NVIDIA nForce 780a SLI chipset. Shipping would be US. I have pretty much all payment options available, just let me know what works best.
  2. Gotta sit down and go through all the pictures but be expecting a PM soon. 😁
  3. Looking if anyone in the US has Delid Die Mate 2 with or without the AMD adapter to help me delid a few APUs. I have looked far and wide and cannot find stock anywhere. If you have the tool but no AMD adapter, I can purchase the adapter and ship it to you with the APUs. Payment available with pretty much any method you could think of.
  4. Where is pick up from? Who built the unit?
  5. I wish you fellow US guys would have decided to sell all this stuff a couple months from now so I could pick it all up
  6. Awesome build! Love seeing phase change units. Wish there was more builders in the US or it was more practical to ship from EU. Hopefully see more in the future
  7. Not sure the last time I've seen a cascade build. Awesome unit and VERY clean!
  8. $460 shipped (in States) for REX and 6800k as a combo. Board is full retail, including OC Panel. Updating later with dead/have issues VGAs that will be cost of shipping if anyone is interested. Also still still entertaining any and all offers/interest for anything else.
  9. Late morning bump. Packages shipped, prices lowered and thread now fully updated.
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