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  1. Can somebody please explain how points are calculated and how/what they appear in the profile ? Yesterday I uploaded 20+ tests with a GTX 1060 6gb (GP106) and in total I got around 150 _160 hardware points but in my profile I only got like 5-7 points (going from 1498 if I remember corectly to now 1505) ? I just don't get it , in the past I uploaded tests where in total I gained quite less hardware points than this time , but in my profile I got around 50 points ... I'm confused really , what's the criteria here ? Thank you in advance for any explanation that can make me understand the mechanism ...
  2. Just tried now , it works , thank you.
  3. I was about to open a topic for the exact same problem , when I am not logged in I can search and view results with different hardware but when I log in I get the same as 2nd picture in the OP. Have some scores to post with a GTX 1060 and since yesterday afternoon I get this error (no pun intented). Yesterday morning was working fine.
  4. Thank you , I was surprised myself by this score , as for the same benchmark performance and entry didn't seem to scale so good , maybe was a lucky run , I can upload the original print to be analized if need to ...
  5. Hey Nata , wanted to ask you if there is any specific tweak for Vantage using this type of card , GTX 770. I recently bought one myself and paired with a i9 9900k @ 5,3Ghz and M10Apex I get a much lower score , few thousands lower which is a lot. I used different drivers including the one you used and my card was clocked higher but still much lower score. I did a few tweaks in Nvidia Control Panel , I also used D3DOverrider but can't even get close to your score even though like I said I had higher clocks on both CPU and GPU so I was wondering if there is another tweak or more a few more to improve the score , thank you.
  6. Thank you very much MetalRacer , I appreciate it , I will try and see what I can get.
  7. Nobody really ? Or is it such a big secret that only big $$$ can buy ?
  8. Does anybody have an ISO image of Windows XP 32/64bit for ASUS Maximus X Apex ? I am noob in create/remove stuff required for it , tried it a few times but no success. If someone can provide a link for it I would highly appreciate it , thanks in advance.
  9. @FireKillerGR Thanks , it worked. I didn't remove any hardware , only shutdown and press the flashback. I even restored an XP image that I got from suzuki to an old Intel 60Gb SSD , it is working (partially) but I need drivers compatible with XP for the mainboard and my graphic card is a GTX 1080 and afaik there is none. I tried to launch DriverPackSolution but couldn't start it , any ideas ?
  10. I wanted the modded 1801 to have HT enabled , with EZ Flash didn't work for me no matter the extension used but I will try the flashback method. Now question for those experienced , for M10A I have to rename the BIOS to a specific extension or leave it as it is ? Also , do I have to remove completely every other hardware from the mainboard and unplug everything ? When I did the flashback for M9A I only plugged the PSU and started the flash. Thanks again for your answers.
  11. @GGI78 How did you flash it ? You had to rename it to something specific ? On M9A using the flashback method I had to rename it creative.rom . And can you pls post a link here if you are allowed for a XP that work on the M10A ?Thanks in advance for your answer.
  12. @FireKillerGR Hey I tried flashing the 2nd file , the 1801 for XP support on an M10A and doesn't work , it say not a valid BIOS. I renamed it .rom , .bin then again .cap and nothing. Am i doing something wrong ? Haven't tried the flashback method yet or that is exactly the one that works ? Thanks in advance for your answer.
  13. I did and I edited , the majority of time the page returns time out and refresh doesn't fix it , I hope an admin can remove this to keep only the edited one.
  14. Well done , I guess you have more backups ? Cause I reached the limit with my gear , maybe with tighter memory clocks (which mine can't go) to gain few more points but not that much. Anyway , congrats for great run.
  15. Thanks , I also did a movie , always better to have extra proof , here it is.
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