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  1. 75. Think this is above average for 11700ks considering a friend of mine has a 65sp 11900k. Bought this one from Mindfactory in late February, haven t had any besides this chip.
  2. Didnt wanna keep your backup? :b or still have something better on usb
  3. Danke :b Joa ich versuche die Batch immer dazuzuschreiben wenn ich drandenke
  4. Chips arrived very nicely packed as usual
  5. Yea i have some asus x48 boards but they arent anything special and havent tried quad cores on them :D Will try in the future tho :)
  6. @TaPaKaH Posts 540 FSB air, havent tested for stability at that freq. 4GHz 1.325 for wprime32m under air core wise @Eisbaer798 yea definitely helped :) Much appreciated
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