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  1. Danke :b Joa ich versuche die Batch immer dazuzuschreiben wenn ich drandenke
  2. Chips arrived very nicely packed as usual
  3. Yea i have some asus x48 boards but they arent anything special and havent tried quad cores on them :D Will try in the future tho :)
  4. @TaPaKaH Posts 540 FSB air, havent tested for stability at that freq. 4GHz 1.325 for wprime32m under air core wise @Eisbaer798 yea definitely helped :) Much appreciated
  5. It sure is :b Rather confident it isnt maxed yet, still have some stuff to tweak
  6. Hey, thanks for the offer but i have acquired them elsewhere by now Can be closed!
  7. Hello everyone, Id like to buy either a Z9PE-D8 WS or SR-X, preferably the EVGA board tho. Board must work flawlessly, original box/accessories would be neat but definitely aren't necessary. As far as price goes I'm not too sure so just let me know how much you want for the board I'd like to pay with PayPal but could also do bank transfer if PayPal isn't possible. Thanks
  8. ive had water in spots it shouldnt go to three times killed one board, didnt do anything to the two others. the one that died had water in the socket. Gives me a 00 ever since. one of the working ones had a puddle in the socket as well but it works fine. third one had water on the voltage controller, after drying it works again
  9. Ill do more testing with the ep45-ud3r once im done messing with some G-Die sticks on x79 if the tips you gave me help to fix this issue, ill post the results here 😛
  10. i definitely used the 400MHz strap to do 690MHz and the 200Mhz one when attempting to do 666MHz IIRC
  11. Hey, thank you i borrowed the sticks from @ground1556. in his p5q deluxe they did 690MHz and 720MHz 5-5-5-15 at 2.3 Volt in single channel respectively . I tried to run them in dual channel with several boards (P5Q Pro, EP45 UD3R) but when the cpu is close to maxxed (still stable, just high FSB, around the 500 mark) the sticks couldnt go over 590MHz. When lowering FSB from ~490FSB to ~420FSB they suddenly could do 690MHz 5-5-5-15 2.3V SPi8M stable in dual channel. I then tried to up FSb to 500, drop the mem multi down so itd be at 666MHz with same timings and voltage and the system didnt even post. After that i tried to see with what FSB each stick can boot on its own and i stopped testing at ~520 FSB. i dropped the multi down so the mem ran at 520MHz so, my conclusion is, that (this) ddr2 cant clock as high with a higher fsb have you observed similar things?
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