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  1. Using AMD Ryzen CPU for a Legacy 3D Bench... VGA can be pushed more,up to 1066/1414, I'm waiting for lower ambient temp. 17° degree ambient is too much.
  2. Nice Work Ramiro, super memory OC. That Power board from Gigabyte is very big, I think it can supply at least 5 of these 8600gts's card :D
  3. Many Thanks, Ramiro. I may have a try, I think the card became very hot with these voltage
  4. On the benchmark's hard drive I should have my last backup, with a score similar to this one. Higher score is impossible with my Unbinned Core i5 and all Air cooling..
  5. Thanks boys. Nick ne ho solo con ram gDDR4@ 1414mhz e oltre 31k. Per fare di più mi serve un i7...
  6. ;D Spero di poter utilizzare nuovamente questa piattaforma per qualche altra Cup futura..
  7. E' stato un caso.. me ne sono accorto solo dopo averlo subbato :D !
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