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  1. I solved by using another operating system.. with Windows 11 all works ok.
  2. Reinstalled benchmate on the secondary hard drive, but I still get the same error. I hve moved the entire disk with windows 10 system to another PC with similar specs (X370 wirh Ryzen 4600G instead of X570 and Ryzen 4100) and it works. So it is hardware problem? But both platform was ad default.. no OC.
  3. thanks for reply. corrupted file sound very strange, I have reinstalled many times on different directory, and downloaded 3 times. I will try to reinstall on a secondary HDD.
  4. Hello, I'm unable to run benchmate. I got init error, tried many reinstallation. this is the log report: LOG START at 2022-12-13 11:55:51 ---------------------- BenchMate DPI Awareness used: System Could not load font, falling back to Arial! Could not load font, falling back to Arial! Init Status: VERIFYING INSTALLATION Could query crypt object signature of executable: C:\BM\bin\client64.exe (Error: Invalid signature or no signature at all) Failed to load certificate: C:\BM\bin\client64.exe Installation invalid! Init Error: The verification of BenchMate's files has failed. Hardware: Gigabyte X570 UD & Ryen 4100, WINDOWS 10. any suggestion? (I have already tried the suggested solution, I have also tried to manual install the certificate include into the directory, but it doesn't solve.
  5. ludek: Near sure I have replaced. but i can't remember what pll is, all is covered by glue. I select 876series for software OC, it does not detect the real frequency but it work.
  6. Using AMD Ryzen CPU for a Legacy 3D Bench... VGA can be pushed more,up to 1066/1414, I'm waiting for lower ambient temp. 17° degree ambient is too much.
  7. Nice Work Ramiro, super memory OC. That Power board from Gigabyte is very big, I think it can supply at least 5 of these 8600gts's card :D
  8. Many Thanks, Ramiro. I may have a try, I think the card became very hot with these voltage
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