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  1. Aohhh questo infatti è il mio pc,su cui non si puo' installare w7 quindi l han segata.Buffoni questi di hwbot ho fatto ultimo posto causa w10 e la segano mentre c'è pieno zeppo di sub coi ryzen e w10 non bloccate.Ma chiudete sta farsa e andate a lavorare.
  2. For me there is no problem,the fact is that in the database there are many sub who are not regular ,following the rules.Sooner or later it can be deleted. I try to warn people.
  3. I don't think what you say is right.I spent years of my time looking for the best OS for the various bench. You spoke superficially without knowing me and it's something you don't do. Thanks.
  4. Sorry I was referring to solving the windows installation problem and that's it. As for the rest, if you say that the hpet problem can only solve by AMD, there's nothing to do. Of sure If people didn't cheat, we wouldn't be here to speak about these problems.
  5. I partly agree with you, my mb has no PS / 2 output and I was not able to install w7 on amd ryzen. Honestly, the problem can be solved but I'm sick of wasting time on these things. The big problem with hwbot it will not be this but this too.
  6. Grande NATA hai un rig mostruoso per tirare il 9900k a 5.4ghz @1.439 a liquido.Complimenti.
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