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  1. Using AMD Ryzen CPU for a Legacy 3D Bench... VGA can be pushed more,up to 1066/1414, I'm waiting for lower ambient temp. 17° degree ambient is too much.
  2. Nice Work Ramiro, super memory OC. That Power board from Gigabyte is very big, I think it can supply at least 5 of these 8600gts's card :D
  3. Many Thanks, Ramiro. I may have a try, I think the card became very hot with these voltage
  4. On the benchmark's hard drive I should have my last backup, with a score similar to this one. Higher score is impossible with my Unbinned Core i5 and all Air cooling..
  5. Thanks boys. Nick ne ho solo con ram gDDR4@ 1414mhz e oltre 31k. Per fare di più mi serve un i7...
  6. ;D Spero di poter utilizzare nuovamente questa piattaforma per qualche altra Cup futura..
  7. E' stato un caso.. me ne sono accorto solo dopo averlo subbato :D !
  8. Thanks. Lot of mod on that mobo to get here. I have also replaced mosfets, added capacitor, and raised the pwm frequency of the VRM.
  9. Solved !! I have reinstalled the OS and the AQUAMARK, Version 2.54 insted of 2.55. Disabled System info and now the files seems to be accepted by server. Thanks again
  10. Thanks, websmile. Nope, I haven't tryed to disable system info. I will try soon, maybe I can solve by my self.
  11. Hi everyone, I got a problem. My Aquamark files with that Rig was not accepted by hwbot. Error message is: "" There is an issue with the supplied data file. Please try again, if the problem persists contact the HWBOT crew "" I have many files, (like 10 or more) made with different operating systems, (Win7 and WinXp) different VGA (nv7900GT and nv7600GT) and Different CPU freq, But still got the same error. Can sameone please help me and correct the aquamark files? Many Thanks.
  12. Hi, I have a problem with My Aquamark files for the Division VII Cup (Socket 939) I have saved 3 files, made from different operrating systems, but no one can be uploaded. The error message says: ""There is an issue with the supplied data file. Please try again, if the problem persists contact the HWBOT crew."" What can I do ? Hardware info: Mat_Agnesi`s 3DMark06 score: 6999 marks with a GeForce 7900 GT CPU Athlon 64 X2 4200+ Sk.939 Main ASUS A8N-VM RAM 2x512Mb DDR1 GPU: nVIDIA 7900 GT@ 800/900.
  13. Guarda, non ho ventole paragonabili per fare confronti però a 3500rpm mi sembra che sulle VGA moddate andava più che bene. Solo che la mia ha un fastidioso problema di vibrazioni, nel senso che a volte si mette a vibrare, poi smette, poi ricomincia ecc.. ed è un pò fastidioso
  14. Mannaggia..Se postavi prendevi dei punti personali. Te li danno lo stesso anche se nel team c'è un risultato migliore!
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