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  1. Thank you Abang Dumo i never imagine too is i will can get this results by retails chip
  2. Already edit and sorry for wrong info, i confused from alot of screen shot from i tried Thank you
  3. Tried to play with AVEXIR 3000C12 MFR @ 3187MHz C11-14-13-25-1T and very tight sub timing btw. i not already sure for timing 1 now it real or not but on i tried alot which XP seem it not different between 1 to 4 but i feel different on Win7 x64 and i'll more try again about this
  4. This's my results on Win7 with G.SKILL 2933C12 only 1.65Vdimm too and for XP i'll try to night
  5. Massman please reserve one HWBOT EASY CARD for me too and i'll attending for - GIGABYTE OCLAB GATHERING - MSI OC GATHERING - ASUS Open OC Event all days from June 8th to June 11th if all don't hate to me LOL I will arrived on June 2nd, 11:00am btw. can't wait to see you all at Taipei
  6. 1.84-1.86V because mobo limit, actually i setting at 2.0V in bios and it show only 1.84V in windows, same which setting 1.85V(bios) and push more in windows it not increasing follow software need more Vcore !!! Thank you
  7. some info about L221Bxxx Malaysia now i thing this batch good IMC because i checking from my forums from three guys with same batch all easy boot for 2800MHz ram ratio and can go over 2900+ too but for core clock i think still bad it still didn't 5GHz by air as well some result from my L221B386 Spi32M @ 2939MHz Lightweight LinX
  8. My new one for L221B386 Malaysia is unbox about hours ago 5GHz need minimum for boot 1.45V and Spi32 need 1.47V but seem it strong for IMC it easy for 2800C11 1.65Vdram, 1.25Vimc if eight thread hyperPi need for 1.52V ! btw. testing on water cooling and room temp around 33C
  9. i don't care for batch anymore now but now very interesting for Costa Rica vs Malaysia ! seem Ivy from Malaysia so bad ! and some user on my forums (not ksin LoL) his have good one 3770K from Costa Rica for IMC, he can boot by 2933 strap and can LinX stress for 2950MHz(1:14) all air. btw. but i just got one 3770K about 6hrs ago and it Made in Malaysia L221B386 LOL hope it will good one hehehe Thanks for sharing Massman more btw. so have some good chip for air cooling for sell ? like 5GHz and around 1.3-1.4V hehehe
  10. Yah.. latest he can broken 9GHz ! it will damm nice if it real but waiting for CPUID again
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