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  1. Is 478-775 adapter allowed (hope it's not because it would give huge advantage and it's hard to get)?
  2. There are dual boards with 5100 chipset which use registered ddr2, and they are not rare at all. But surprisingly there are virtually no results for this chipset on hwbot. I think this stage is perfect opportunity to change this situation.
  3. What would happen when you compare strap 400 2:3 vs 5:8 vs 3:5? If it's not bugged then 2:3 < 5:8 < 3:5 in terms of speed, but if it's bugged then 2:3 ~ 3:5 < 5:8, isn't it?
  4. AMD Cinebench 2003 DDR1 - are multiprocessor s940 systems allowed? Some other stages explicitly disallow more than one cpu so I assume - yes? Intel Cinebench R23 DDR3 - are DDR3 LGA2011-3 boards with xeons allowed? What does it mean "2 submissions required" for these stages? Different cpu in the same mobo is OK?
  5. Model 9 -> III (250 nm) Model D -> III+ (180 nm) This is III+. III without + at 600 MHz is close to impossible to even validate cpu-z without subzero.
  6. Insane fsb! Congrats! What is the max fsb with enabled L2 cache?
  7. Afaik P54 (and P55 too) do not have x1.0 multi physically, must be cpu-z bug...
  8. If you are lucky you can have ~400 3-2-2-1 @2.1V with fatbody. http://www.xtremesystems.org/forums/showthread.php?77442-DDR2-fat-body-D9-list&p=1100023&viewfull=1#post1100023 But usually they need more volts for it and not all can work at 3-2-2-x
  9. AMD produced SX2-66. But the best should be UMC 40 MHz (esp. at 50 MHz), they are all without FPU but in integer ops they are much faster than regular DX/SX. Isn't it offtopic?
  10. I think it can be quite cool to run dual PIII-S with DDR, HD3850, SSD or ACARD =)
  11. Some silly ideas: Socket 7 - MaxxMem Bandwidth Slot 1 - wPrime 32m, dual setups are welcome! Socket 370 - PCMark 2005, dual setups are fine Socket 462 - Low-Clock challenge, 32M under one hour or similar Socket 432 - Reference Clock Socket 487 - 3DMark2001, any videocard, mobile CPUs with ct-479 are fine too =) Socket 754 - Memory Clock Bonus category: SuperPi 1M on a CPU not produced by Intel, AMD, VIA (Cyrix before C3 is OK).
  12. There was another version of adapter: to slot 1. I have mobile Pentium II 400 (Dixon with 256KB on-die cache) on it.
  13. There was no mobile Coppermines with 133 bus. And it has no sspec, and markings are wrong for this type of cpu. It's fake made from 500MHz one. Poor cpu was overclocked twice, first time somewhere in China =)
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