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  1. I got only one E3200 from Wolfdale-6M, but no OC surprise. And I have several E3300 from Wolfdale-6M, no OC surprise too.
  2. For me, PLL<1.5V made worse CBB first, and worse CB sometimes. Generally speaking, E5200 from Wolfdale-6M work better than Wolfdale-3M indeed.
  3. We all know that FSB wall is really a bi*ch, I tesed ~1000 pcs E5200 and still no go for 500 FSB
  4. Well, I tried 500 pcs E2140 and found only one can do 580 LN2, but Mr. Hackeronzo only bin 42 pcs. Luck you know, just like lottery.
  5. In fact, I got poor bechmark skills, and not too much time so I just mainly digged some CPUs and push freq. as much as I can.
  6. THX, man. Waiting for your 750 submission. This E8600 is a lucky chip in fact, got scratch on IHS, hard to read the whole batch. I can't even remember what I got this CPU for, but I tested another ~100 chips for FSB, but no better one than this E8600. I bought two EP45T-UD3R boards months ago, this is the better one.
  7. For my chip, max 770 I think, unless find a better chip, the other people would make it
  8. VCR about E8400 740MHz FSB bench SuperPi 1M: https://www.bilibili.com/video/BV1af4y1s7qQ/
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