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  1. I think you're quit right, if it can bear <30K without freeze or power off. Who knows :-p
  2. Vcore 2.04V. Used the last version BIOS which you can see in valid URL. I didn't get those FSB bugs far by now. If it has, maybe caused by core clock, bios tweak, and even somewhere damages on board.
  3. hahaha no way on that. Our first time to try LHe OC and We saw 9GHz, but F7 keyboard not working at that moment. 8.3G 32M is by LN2.
  4. Only P5Q-D and M2F P45 mobo need BSEL 533 to 800 mod, your other mobos don't. You have to confirm firstly CPU can do 50% OC by default Vcore.
  5. Now I can boot G4 at 9000 on air, when I tried more mem freq but post code stucked at 4F ( 6E-->55-->31-->4F ), push more SA, MC, IVR, MEM VDD/VDDQ Voltage but no go, need more idea
  6. THX. I booted G2 8800 with normal timing, must I use raw timing for G4 at the same mem Freq?
  7. My 790 APEX can do A-DIE 8800 boot on air by gear2 mode, but failed to same 8800 by gear4 mode. Have tried different CPUs and BIOS but nothing better, any idea?
  8. Got them In my Internet, I can't see the images on imgur, the same as on some websites, so I have to turn to HWB
  9. @Antinomy Wonderful work! Thx so much! @Don_Dan Would you please re-upload your tests .jpg on TPower I45 for us?
  10. Pump for good CPU ?
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