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  1. Luumis profile should work. During the bench session I got also problems with Luumis profile. Maybe the bios was corrupted, but after I have re-flashed the bios it has work again without any problems. As Bullshooter already says, the PLL is a little bit to high.
  2. Bench session with Bullshooter, unfortunately was no time anymore to install xp. But next time 😊
  3. the board is now listed in the EVGA EU Online Shop, maybe it will be also available shortly
  4. Die CPU hat folgende Turbo Frequency 2800 MHz (1 or 2 cores) 2667 MHz (3 or 4 cores) 2533 MHz (5 or 6 cores) Dadurch das ich 4 cores im BIOS ausgeschaltet habe ist die CPU mit dem 21. Multi gelaufen.
  5. Hi please add EVGA Z370 Micro https://valid.x86.fr/rfqphb Thank you !
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