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  1. Wow! That's quite a trick. 5ghz @ 1.574v with a lower max temp. than 5 ghz @ 1.495v under ice. Lol!
  2. This is my first comp and honestly not sure of the technical aspect of this.
  3. My previous sub was straight up water, but since I continue to see chiller and "ice bath" subs still up and pointed for, I'll throw my hat in the ring with this submission. (thumbsup!)
  4. My previous submission at 362 was straight up watercooling. But since I still see chiller and "ice bath" submissions still up and pointed for. I'm submitting this entry using same methods. Not sure what is going. Wish there would be a clear decisive decision on this stuff. If its allowed okay, but if it isn't submissions using this method should be stricken from competition and any/all subs with straight water, be retained and pointed.
  5. Now I'm really getting impatient. Lol. I'll be testing on water, but hope this will be my first chip to put under cold.
  6. Seems all of the g3258's here are Malaysian. Just picked up a Costa Rican 3418c001 From local MC. Trying to wait patiently wait for Impact VII to test.
  7. Thank goodness this is hwbot and you only need to be stable enough to complete the bench to score points. Not sure what site he thinks he's on. Lol!
  8. Having issues with blck oc. Anyone know why cpuid would be reporting fsb speed? This is set to 125x41 in bios and should be giving 5.125ghz, but is only showing 4600.00mhz and has fsb speed of 4999.99mhz.
  9. Recently bought second 4930K - 4.8@ 1.376, 4.7@ 1.312, 4.6@ 1.248 All passed Cinebench R15 Batch #3332B065 Previous chip was #3331B540 and I didn't like this chip at all. It did pass R15 with 4.8@1.408 initially, but after a few runs at 4.9 with 125strap and 2666 ram, it could no longer get stable at 4.8 with 1.45+v. I gave up and bought another chip.
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