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  1. Both chips continue to be dead. Nothing worse than losing good chips! I think it would be wise to re-glue after replacing the tim in any event. The glue helps to stiffen the pcb. Without it, the pcb can still flex a good bit. So rules for skylake delid - -Use delid tool or razor -Don't twist pcb -Don't scrap the glue off -re-glue after replacing tim
  2. I'm taking a chance.. Heating them up with hair dryer and gluing both chips back together with black rtv gasket. If they don't boot..... That long perpendicular scratch across 6700k is weird. Can't help but think its a crack. The ihs slides forward when clamping. Also the length of it is out of ordinary.
  3. Yes, crack in die. upload of pics keeps failing. You can see some abrassion on both dies and 6700k clearly has line perpendicular to any sliding of ihs. I'm testing with a air cooler on top without clamping down, so yeah, just socket and retainer pressure. All that from mounting each chip twice.
  4. After thinking on this all day..... Came home and checked, the first chip i delidded, i had left glue on for some reason. I really scrutinized the recent two chips. Sure enough, both had made direct contact with ihs and the 6700k definititely has crack in it. Both were very promising chips with low voltage. I dont have a lot cash to play with and really, really sucks. Wish I would have seen this thread a couple weeks ago. See If i can scrape together something for a 6320 at least.
  5. I have both Gene and OCF. Have more experience with OCF. Like I said, tested with known good chip with no issues. Just doesn't make sense. The 6320 ran fine for one session, but the 6700k has not posted after tool delid. Not a scratch or defect on either. Both chips were briefly tested on water before delid and ran fine. Actually very good.
  6. Have an issue, hopefully someone has an idea what the **** is going on, cause I can't figure it out. So I recently delidded 2 chips using delid tool. Scraped glue off pcb and ihs with credit card, as I've done every chip in past. Re-timmed 6320 and ran without any issues. 2nd time I tried running 6320, mobo wouldn't boot. Fast forward to 2 weeks later, today. 2 different mobos. Both 6700k and 6320 will not post. Both look pristine without bend, scratch, or other defect. Multiple mountings and still no post. I've seen codes 14 and 00 on Gene and 04 on OCF. Multiple sticks and configurations of ram, cosm cleared dozen times, no post. Why would this be happening? Never had any issues like this before with delidded cpu. I even checked 1st skylake i bent and it boots no problem. So why would 2 chips using safe method, appear dead?? I'm at a loss.
  7. Going to be great to meet some of you guys. Put some faces to the names. Going to be blast based on last one I attended. Hope this keeps building steam. Would be awesome to get a yearly event started.
  8. Hey Stephan, you know I'm in. Give me a shout if you need some specific help. Airgas, Roberts, and Scully, are the 3 main LN2 vendors in this neck of the woods. And , no, I can't bring any Amish girls.
  9. Is 0004 the latest non-k unlocked bios for Gene??
  10. 5960x - L527B829 - 45//42@ 1.2 48/44 @ 1.325 49//44@1.4v XTU, R15, R11.5 stable. http://hwbot.org/submission/3143733_
  11. I guess I would raise the question, Why do several batches across various types of chips all seem to be producing more consistent results. I agree batch doesn't solely determine the outcome. Every chip out of a given batch isnt going to great and varies. But, looking at statistics, it seems certain batches do produce a better chance for good results. No? G3258 3418B001? Weren't Sandy-E chips classified, in part, by portion of silicon wafer taken from - 3960x//3970x. Lastly, why is this thread here? I guess it doesn't really matter when you have trays of chips to test, but when you only have one or two shots at getting a decent part, it matters.
  12. Nice write up and guide! Any thoughts on testing with Matrix OC Tool? Any functionality or monitoring improvements to be had with the tool over software?
  13. Check power settings and c-states in bios for botched xtu scores with skylake. Had similar issue when I updated bios.
  14. 6700K - L527B622 - VID 1.296 No-Delid Chilled Water ( 5*c Idle) 44/44 @1.24v 46/44 @1.26v 47/45 @1.3v 48/45 @1.365 49/48 @ 1.45v XTU stable - http://hwbot.org/submission/2976438_ 5g not happening under 1.5v without dropping uncore below 300mhz offset Going to retest on water after delidding, before I freezing it.
  15. Thanks -2.18 input / 1.64 vcore / 1.35ring. Still have some pushing to do. Unfortunately low cb. -110. Hoping some more input pushes it down another 10-20c.
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