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    Asking what it does under water? I dont believe someone would pay what I'm asking for that. Please check my subs for results. Here's one of my the best. Again, with someone competant with mems at the helm, i'm sure more can be done. I've cold bugged/lost stability, better results. hotrod717`s Cinebench - R15 score: 1741 cb with a Core i7 5820K
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    Selling best chip I've owned. Top 10 in most benches ran and since I'm not a memory guy, sure there is more left on the table and in the tank so to speak. Not sure how to value this but would accept offers above $500 usd. Check my profile and scores for this chip. 5800+mhz.
  3. New Asrock z97 OCF motherboard received from rma of old board. New because they can not fix conformal coated boards and different serial. Comes with original box(different serial) and most original accessories. $165 plus shipping.
  4. Thanks to all. This was a fantastic experience. Enjoyed meeting everyone. Went by all too quickly. When are we planning on the next one?
  5. I'm sure we change the table arrangement. However, will require even more extention cords as the outlets are along the walls on three sides of the room. I would imagine that a trip to Home Depot on Friday would solve that problem. That may be an appropriate allocation of some of the donations Stefan.
  6. Nice Hotel. 2 different Bars/Grills on premises. Great Diner( John's- ate there for lunch) within walking distance, along with a Bob Evans and McD's. Room is setup decent, however, there are only 7 dual outlet receptacles. They said we could run extension cords from other room. We are definitely going to need extension cords. They also had a few power strips (4?). Sorry for the poo-poo photos. Both Annie and Nicole (hotel sales people) will be there Friday for help if we have any other requests.
  7. Should have an initial look at venue tomorrow.. LN2 will be arriving Friday @ 11am. If anyone has transfer/cryo hoses, please bring them. I'll be borrowing one from work, but am sure more will be needed. Also dewars. Again, I'll be bringing one, but more will be needed. Really pumped for this. Big thanks to Stefan for getting this rolling and keeping it rolling!!! You Rock!!
  8. I'll be at Clarion on 20th to scout a bit, back on the 22nd to receive LN2, and also on Saturday. Looking forward to meeting everyone. Been taking a break for the last couple months, but hopefully get reinvigorated by the experience.
  9. Stefan, When you have a chance give me a call. i will actually be at the same Clarion on July 20th for a business seminar and can check some things out at that point and will also be taking Friday 22nd off to receive the LN2. Remember, there is a two week cutoff for amount of LN2 needed. Might be a good idea to remind everyone and get the people that want individual cans squared away.
  10. http://hwbot.org/user/hotrod717/ Solo, no room needed( Worst case, my daughter lives in New Cumberland), 2 boards, multiple gpus, chips, ram, ect. 1x monitor. 30l dewar, 2x cpu pots, 2x gpu pots,ect.
  11. Yeah, I've found original ln2 bios and Gpu tweakII to provide most consistent results. Dickering around with settings and reboots for an hour or two before getting a half-decent result is not my idea of fun times benching.
  12. Question, if I update to new ln2 bios and do recovery, will it revert to original ln2 bios or updated bios? I'm in agreement with Wizerty. 1800/2100 is fine up to -90*c but colder than that, I get issues. Hell, it will do -150*c but doesn't help.
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