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  1. No, but he should not compete in the same league as people using normal room temperature to cool there CPU/gpu. I do not consider running tap water normal cooling. Again I state that the problem is lack of separation clarification between the leagues, not people breaking the rules. Sent from my D5803 using Tapatalk
  2. What are you talking about? Why would it be forbidden? I'm using the word cheater because if we had some rules you would cheat if you broke them. My point is that there are no rules today so people with chillers are competing against people using tower coolers. That is the issue that must be fixed, otherwise we could just skip leagues alltogether. I live in a smaller apartment with my family, I have my bench-place in a wardrobe. I don't have time, money nor room to have a big chiller in there. Should I just quit benching since I will not have any change if chillers are allowed in Enthusiast league? It's not about creativity, I've been in the game for over 15 years and used Peltiers, compressors, DICE, LN2 so I know about this. I'm just glad there are a enthusiast league where I can do some casual benching, because I'm in a point in life where putting many hours and money in cooling just isn't an option. I think I'm not alone since this is the most popular league.
  3. What's the point of keeping leagues at all then? Btw, water freezes at 0 degrees Celsius so keeping water at -20 is impossible without changing either pressure or adding some other ingredient. Just state in the rules that it is absolutely forbidden to use cooling medium below 20 degrees. Done. If people choose to cheat after that there's no doubt it's cheating and they will also know that. That's completely different thing from today where there's no rules what so ever. Sent from my D5803 using Tapatalk
  4. Cooling is just one small part of benchning, there isn't lacking other things to fiddle around with. For sub-ambient cooling there are other leagues. What I suggest is that we set a rule, the water or air that cools the cpu musn't be below 20 degrees C (or 68 F). If that is a strikt rule, I think most poeple will do the right thing. The problem today is that there is no rules, only "ambient" or "no extreme cooling", that is just all about interperation. Well, there are alot of verification that are not 100% but people stick to it anyway. Of course there will always be cheaters, but most people here are honest and will keep to the rules, if we just can decide the rules once and for all. As I mentioned above, the problem is lack of clear rules.
  5. Yea, and then only alkohol and then instead of ice, why dont just cool the liquid with compressors....you see what this is heading. No, we can't have ice water in ambient, not even winter cold through a tower cooler should be allowed in my opinion. Ambient is normal room temperature, i.e. around 20 degrees C.
  6. Well, if you add some sort of mandatory temperature proof, I guess if you "cheat" after that, it's officially cheating, and that should make most people that opportunistically finding loop holes in the rules today stop doing that. Most people are honest, and even honest people are bending the rules, but honest people usually do not brake the rules. The people that are cheating on the purpose of cheating you will never get rid of, but those are few and never missed in competions.
  7. Missed that you needed screenshot for referens clock, thought that only verification link was necessary. I tried to add a screen just now but was to late? http://hwbot.org/submission/3175302_ Edit: What, almost everyone has just taken the image from http://valid.x86.fr/ what's the point of the screenshot then?? I really hope my submission isn't removed because of this. Only 7 submission out of 28 have a real screenshot from the system.
  8. Nvm, I could add result, even though e-sport site upload page was totally broken...
  9. Adapters has been part of computers and overclocking for a long time, overdrives, slockets, 479. It's not something crazy wierd. And as stated previously, there are pure 479 boards out there as well. All stages requires particular hardware, what's so wierd one "requires" (it doesn't even) an adapter? As someone else said, an Slot A t-bird is much more rare and expensive than this adapter...
  10. The problem will be to find a motherboard that support the pentium m. But it would be fun if someone got it to work
  11. Here you go http://www.ebay.com/itm/Raritat-ASUS-CT-479-Adapter-Sockel-478-auf-479-CPU-Updgrade-Kit-NEU-OVP-/172116731779?hash=item2812f4e783:g:Z9YAAOSwezVW0X81
  12. This submission have to high clock speed, not by much, but even so: http://hwbot.org/submission/3114234
  13. Thanks for the info. Had no idea it was such a big differrence in performance between boards.
  14. Just got my hands on these (F4-4000C19D-8GTZ) and allthough I don't have an OC-board (Z170X-UD3) their performance are really bad. XMP (4000 19-21-21-41) is impossible, even with 1.8V+ The best I've gotten from these are 3733 14-18-18-28 300 1T, and parhaps it's my board that are limiting the memorys, I dont know. The strangest things come next, and at the above setting I get worse results than my Corsair 2666 CL16 at 3000 15-15-15. I've also tried the exakt same setting on the G.skill (se images belove) I've tried XTU, HWBot prime and Geekbench and I've gotten worse result in all. I've got one explaination and that's that the G.skill are single sided and my Corsair are double. But then everyone should use double sided, right? I'm confused right now. Corsair: G.skill:
  15. All morning was full, just slipped my mind. Was supposed to do it way earlier....I just...can't find the words...
  16. Family stuff here just made me forgot....I'm so sad now :( Cannot believe this happened... working for over a month on this....
  17. Asus Maximus II Formula SOLD! Intel Core Quad Extreme QX9770 Socket 775 SOLD! OCZ Reaper HPC 4x2GB PC8500 CL5 and 2x2GB PC6400 CL4 SOLD Oh, yeah, last but not least, a limited numbered edition Asus Dual 7800GT. Unfortunatly I don't get any picture from this so it's sold as DEFECT and AS IS! The fan spins though. Maybe for the collector or the fixer. Price: 50 € Lives in Sweden, can send via postal service or DHL. Prices above does not include shipping costs. Payment via PayPal.
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