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  1. 3DMark just shuts down for me when I press "Benchmark". I have no idea why, I've benchmarked 99 in Win98 before and it worked fine...
  2. So older CPU-Z is allowed? Thought only the most recent was allowed...
  3. Actually it was over 200 euro... Mr. Scott, have you looked at the core? These are really fragile and "chips" easily.
  4. Ok, than I perhaps missunderstood, but the below quotes led me to believe that is what you meant: ... but it seems like more time is spent by most finding loopholes rather than helping fix the problem ... Again, I don't write the rules, but everybody should be following said same rules, not interpreting them as they see fit. ... I apologize if I this was not your meaning. The accusation-part was not aimed at you, it was just generally speaking.
  5. Why do you assume that motherboard tab is left out intentionally and that poeple are looking for loopholes? That sound very cynical to me. I think that everyone has the best interest in being honest in the competitions and since motherboard tab is rarely mandatory it's easy to forget about it. Leaving out CPU-Z alltogether is a completly different thing, but leaving out motherboard tab intentionally when benching Kaveri, it doesn't make sence and I can't see any gain in that when you at the same time have both CPU tab and GPU-Z open. I think it's just sad that there are all these accusations and sour discussions after every competition...
  6. What is more proof than cpu-z and gpu-z? Seems very clear to me. Maybe HWBot should just make mainboard tab mandatory in all screenshot, regardless of benchmark, so this will not be up for misinterpretation.
  7. yes, it's hard as it is to get people to compete in country cup, less making it more difficult and complicated. Another thing, can you PLEASE stop it with different end dates for stages.
  8. No where in the rules is this stated and motherboard tab is not something that usually is required as CPU and men tab. Please specify this sort of things. Every competition there are discussions about unclear rules.
  9. Why is my score gone from the competition? http://hwbot.org/submission/3032527_
  10. Well, it feels a bit...random? it doesn't make sense to have it this complicated, it just confuses people and no one wants to lose on technicalities. It's enough drama on Hwbot as it is It like having a hundred metre race and "yes, you came first, but remember that guy, he did a really good start, and that guy there actually had the top speed, and that guy there ran with wierd shoes. We have to have this jury decide who won" KISS ftw
  11. No, you're misunderstanding what Lanbonden is trying to say. What you and Infra pointed out is all clear. The problem is that HW points change when people submit scores so that they will jump around during the competition. So score submitted in the middle of the competition will probably not have the same HW points as in the end. So how will you manage this since scores that maybe worse in a family compared to a familymember when submitted and therefor not counted. But in the end of the competition things might have changed so that particular score is actually the best in that family. Will that score then count again, or will that first score that was better at the beginning stand?
  12. Little sad. Was hoping that I could up the BCLK on i3s and get an healthy overclock. Damn you Intel
  13. Great initiative! I would love to praticipate, but I don't really have the time. @lanbonden is already involved in the next Old Shool so I vote for him
  14. I don't have a stability problem as such since SuperPi gladly continue through all the way. It has something to do with the last things out does, moving data, writing to file and what not. I can do 8MB without any problem. I would like to try my setup with a Pentium overdrive and see if it's 486 related.
  15. The problem is not the run itself, it's when SuperPi are finalizing the calculation the errors occurs.
  16. Seems like a lot of combinations have been tested, but no Pentium overdrive. Another idea is to test with an external IDE controller
  17. I have one running atm, but it will not be finished in time. No big difference really, just trying NTFS instead of FAT16. I think as someone mentioned in another thread that maybe Win2k works better if you can get it to run on Socket 3. Parhaps a Pentium Overdrive will do the trick? Looked at some on ebay when this stage was announced, but they were a bit on the expensive side.
  18. Hope someone succeeds. I'm running my last try now, should finish sometimes during the night. I'll see in the morning
  19. Man, I don't have time for this . Many combinations and it takes 24+ hours to see if what you did worked.
  20. I'm not at home atm. But it's not a complicated document, just a list basically, with all stages, what hardware is needed and when they end. But ultimately I would like to see a more useful "Team site" so that the members could see which competitions the team is submitting to atm, and members could enter what they got under each stage. Also a discussion area.
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