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  1. Selling my Gigabyte X99-SOC Champion that is not longer needed. It was isolated with Liquid Tape. You get this Board with full box and accessories. Comes insulated. Price 125 EUR + Shipping
  2. on the CPU is Gelid Extreme now It was all glued back. Foto is in the first Post. Price is in EUR
  3. For Sale is 4770K delidded! Batch is L310B487 Aquamark 6,3 http://hwbot.org/submission/2681300_sergmann_aquamark_geforce_gtx_580_531543_marks GPUPi 6,4 http://hwbot.org/submission/2873545_sergmann_gpupi_for_cpu___1b_core_i7_4770k_4min_25sec_78ms Hwbotprime 6,3 http://hwbot.org/submission/2522798_sergmann_hwbot_prime_core_i7_4770k_7112.53_pps Cinebench R15 6,186 http://hwbot.org/submission/2522795_sergmann_cinebench___r15_core_i7_4770k_1259_cb 500 EUR + Shipping Payment methods are Paypal + Bank Transfer.
  4. 5820k L439D160 http://hwbot.org/submission/2900214_
  5. Sold, can be closed and moved. Thanks for space hwbot
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