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  1. Mem is from this Thread: http://forum.hwbot.org/showthread.php?t=92962 MachXtreme Armor 2133 c9-11-9-27
  2. Thx, i dint have more LN2 for Test more, next time i must try 6,5 and Mem on LN2
  3. did you set slow-mode? its enable if you set the first selector from 1 to 2 http://cdn.overclock.net/3/33/33843d37_17834732.jpeg
  4. 4770K L316B289 SuperPi 1m ln2 6.4 (2/2) with 1.84 vcore cb 115
  5. Thx Vita, it was hard to get this score, dice is not realy well for this CPU
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