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  1. Who says that X5 Bios will help you when it is not even officially released 😉 have you tried last official Bios or do you need one for Extreme-OC?
  2. CL15 Royals for me please
  3. #1 For sale is a 9900K P0. was only tested shortly under LN2, was not really good. Without HT maximum 7.1 Ghz. Otherwise not further tested. #2 10900K Boxed version only short tested with LN2 and water cooling. 6,8 R15 with 1,635v on Gigabyte Z490 AORUM MASTER Prices without shipping and fees for Payment: # 1 sold # 2 650 EUR payment mending
  4. SA at the moment 1,415 IO 1,365 is enough for these settings on the dark with my cpu. SuperPi with "normal" temperatures ( up to 23°C) are still possible. Geek no more, the mems are too warm for over 4950. Even colder not testetd, possible that it works even better when cpu and mems are cold.
  5. @l0ud_sil3nc3 Yeah, with open window :). It was little bit cooler outside at night. Mem was running at 17°C. SPI 58/59/7/7 Geek 60/61/9/9
  6. With the right mem, the Dark can work well. The only thing that annoys me is that I haven´t found the right settings for HOF A2 Mem jet. G.Skill run perfectly
  7. 4900 not but 4933 works fine for me with the same settings. SuperPi isn`t stable at the moment. My CPU works fine with 73x10x BCLK, so BCLK is more important for me at the moment
  8. @Sparky's__Adventure For Geek you have to reduce twrrd_dg, for me works much much better
  9. 👍 me too, sometimes I get to see 4.0 but then it gets unstable
  10. I only use custom watercooling for my 9900ks and the G.Skill are only aircooled ;). Just have to work on Waza, so that the time will be even better an I will get the same time of Rauf Unfortunately, I can`t run HOF-Mem with 4933, otherwise I would test it :(.
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