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[WTB][EU] Aopen i975xa-ydg


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You can O/C all the socket M processors without need to buy and modyfing a notebook motherboard to be able to reach reasonable results. I'm talking about mods like vCpu, vMEM, vNB, unlock PLL (tme mod), bsel, and probably you can set timmings and mem/NB/FSB strap 100/133/166 MHz from bios. This is premium class gear if we talking about socket M. I was playing with socket P which is quiet simillar to socket M, and it's pain to mod these notebook motherboards, doing these mods, being limited to eg. 315 MHz fsb, reflashing eeprom on every single memory stick to achieve "reasonable" results. This is too hardcore, but possible :)

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1 hour ago, George_o/c said:

Out of curiosity, why is this motherboard so special? 

Hi George

ludek , said it all.

I will just add that it has the best available chipset (975) to clock all those socket M cpu's.

I will always treasure mine , parked on that top self.

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