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  1. Oh gosh, this is the end of Overclocking now its downclocking time, run bug 10K diff and nobody kick that score ? And since when downclocking give more bandwith....
  2. Well, its ok, i found a Vrmtool to push the VID ^^ Max for now 1800 but i'm sure that the GPU need more juice, the VRM are at their maximum.
  3. Hello, Thank you Elmor, it work i can go full pot but i have violant OVP, do you know how to go over it ? Because i can't put more than 1.325V ^^ The max freq GPU with this voltages was 1760Mhz.
  4. Hello all !! Does anybody have a LN2 bios for the Strix edition ? Because the Ref LN2 Bios is not working on my card, impossible to have the display. Thanks guys
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