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  1. it will not let me change from asus strix 2000 to pny 2000 :(
  2. I recommend moving that GPU to another slot on the motherboard, preferably the second to last slot (that PCIe x1 slot with its end cut off), and removing that bottom PCIe card (idk what that card is). Then, you should have more BCLK headroom, also set your DMI version to "Gen 1", which allows higher BCLK OC margins. Then, you should be able to tune that BCLK up a bit more, and thus, get a higher frequency! Just want to help!
  3. This is dope, we may see 6000 MHz DDR4 coming soon!!! And hopefully on air too :)
  4. PSU is not by Antec, it's a glitch in the HWBOT submission
  5. dude you have a world record right here. submit it as a CPU Frequency benchmark and you hold the world record for the 7350K!
  6. um, the RAM is 474 MHz, not 948 MHz. Because this is DDR2 frequency (double data rate 2), the actual frequency is half of the reported frequency. Also, if you go to the actual link for my CPU z validation, 474 MHz is the correct number. Also, if that was meant as a joke {because you put the there}, do not joke around like that, because false reports are not tolerated by the staff of HWBOT.
  7. Wow cheater. CPU Z is showing 6400 MHz, but XTU settings is showing 55x multiplier and 100MHz. 55 * 100 = 5500, not 6400. Also, please disregard the first comment as I accidentally entered it without finishing the comment (which is this comment).
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