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  1. Any translation available? Does that mean the memory overclocks good or what?
  2. Doesn't matter because at the Grand Finals the CPU and tweaking will be more important that the VGA card. Even so, the TT 1350W will have trouble holding over 1500MHz 3D11 which any decent Lightning will do !
  3. Congrats man, you deserved it! You removed IHS, lapped it and reattached it? Or just lapped it?
  4. Inspector & RivaTuner FTW The best CPU with some decent tweaks will win
  5. GPUTweak allows higher volts only if you flash GPUTweak.bat firmware on MATRIX! The software will work on DCU II also but you will be limited to normal voltage limit (must edit BIOS for higher volts) Good luck!
  6. Yes, I think XE is a wise choice for fairness... but everybody will be struggling to get 1200Mhz on MEM... ha ha
  7. You know that power usage gets higher also with GPU clocks, especially on Fermi arhitecture? The problem is the "wheel of fortune" with CPU binning. If you pick a bad CPU you lose SPI32M and 3DMark01 so you can go home...
  8. If you feed the VGA from 12V1 and 12V2 I think you can reach almost 1600MHz. ~1500MHz only from 12V1 was possible though... I confirmed with MSI and there will be special signs on the VGA's that will be send and also SN and GPU batches for every single card. This means no IHS removing and no lapping the IHS
  9. Dude... 3DMark01 is even more CPU dependent that 3DMark03 used in EMEA Finals. If you have luck with the CPU you win 2 rounds (SPI32M and 3DMark01) and the VGA will count only in 3DMark11
  10. I'm interested also in how they check the VGA's . Using Extreme Edition Lightning will be better for the sake of fairness because nobody benches that card P.S: I don't think they will use 3dmark01 because on Win7 with limited tweaks it's absolutely no fun and also MSI lacks a good 01 BIOS for their MB...
  11. Don't think Expander will help because it has 2 x NF200 and also SB is better than Gulftown in Unigine. Maybe some 6500MHz+ Gulftown could match SB at 5900MHz...
  12. Thanks! Unigine is tricky, there are a few tweaks and tricks to obtain high score with 4 GPU's I think >6100 is possible, will try after I get back from vacation
  13. Pieter, do you know why I don't get WR points for the 5th overall 3DMark01? I should be getting 30 points from what I can understand...
  14. On AMD cards it's done from the driver not from the benchmarks settings. It's not completely OFF but set on the very first level so I think it's legal And no, it doesn't look like your screenshot!
  15. We had twice frames for 1373XX but it crashed in Nature because the CPU was too high. Maybe next time...
  16. Nice find, do you think it's better than Freeze regarding thermal transfer? No crack even with full pot?
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