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  1. Seems Bulldozer is good for something at last . GTX6 is fantastic, great result Jake! I think quad-channel GTX6 will be good on X79, too bad I have only 2 pcs
  2. You're missing the point Pieter . If I have 6 x "shitty WR" and you have 3 x "single-card WR" we will have the same points, this makes me as good as you?!
  3. My profile says I got 12 points from competitions but I cannot find any details about that. I'm reffering to MOA, GOOC, Country Cup, etc. Where can I see what points I have and how can I add the competitions I've won? Yes, but 2 x "shitty overall wr" = "single gpu wr" and that's not exactly fair in my book. Single GPU WR takes much more work to obtain that 2 x 1-core WPrime WR's for example
  4. So, the competition points are still not implemented? The ideea is still on the "to do list"? Ontopic: I don't think it's a good ideea to give so much global points to all the shitty overall's WR . Makes the WR's that really matters (single card 3D for example) less important...
  5. By mainstream I meant something different from what you understood. I see less skill needed for this competion, if you have the hardware needed or the money to buy it -> you're set
  6. This competition is more mainstream oriented than the other 2. I really liked the first one to be honest, not sure if we will participate
  7. Try 2 things: 1) Deactivate 1 core per module and test again to see if it's an arhitecture problem 2) remove 1 VGA card to see if the CPU is underpowered
  8. I still don't understand why you are playing 4xSLI with Bulldozer. Are you a masochist or something? SB-E at 5GHz will score way better that FX-8150 at over 7GHz. With 4xSLI you need a lot of CPU power for the VGAs to scale which you could not get with Bulldozer...
  9. I agree with |ron on this, latest version should be used on all new scores
  10. From the memory freq and GPUz info doesn't seem to be Lightning Extreme Edition. Are you sure?
  11. That is indeed a problem! You can verify and make the mods again...
  12. Finished testing the MOA gear just now. The MB is ok, did 50 x 104 without issues at 60 degrees IDLE temperature (crappy cooler) The VGA is pretty good, 1500MHz+ GPU and 1400MHz+ on MEM for 3DMark2011 at first touch...
  13. Hope you find seats! Anybody tested the memory that will be at the final? Single-Sided or DS? Hinyx or Elpida chips?
  14. I only started the VGA card once on air The next 4 days will be dedicated to MOA preparing
  15. matose, Monstru & Micutzu Arrive: 6/10 at 21:00 Departure: 9/10 at 19:30 See you there guys!
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