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  1. Very High also worked best for me with Core 0 strongest. I hate that PSCheck thingy, hope ASUS will release a proper TurboV soon
  2. The difference between the first 5 teams for example is pretty small, how are these calculated? Also, how are the points distributed to the members of the team? Split by 2? Thanks
  3. I want to feel the limit of the CPU, not the limit of the board so it's still a fail for me! BTW, UD7 had also a very bad cold-boot around 0 degrees... not touching that MB again
  4. We tested UD7 / UD5 / UD3 yesterday and we had the same problems: CPU that did 5200MHz on ASUS R4E / P9X79 WS and ASRock X79 Extreme 4 barely stable at 4800MHz. Fail !
  5. Yes! Also, here is also the CL9 WR (http://valid.canardpc.com/show_oc.php?id=2133007) and CL8 WR (http://valid.canardpc.com/show_oc.php?id=2133017)
  6. Thanks guys! One week of pretesting and a very long day yesterday but in the end it was all worth it CPU NB - 1.625v VDDR - 1.95v with CPU and RAM at full pot!
  7. Use the latest BIOS for best memory OC (I recommend 0083b). On R4E there's no significant gain in memory OC by using 2T, you can use 1T without any problems
  8. For 4-way you have to use Win7 which gives much worse scores than WinXP and it don't scale with frequency past a certain point 3D03 scales with 3 & 4-Way if you have a high frequency CPU (read GT over 6200-6300MHz)
  9. I thought the reason for giving points is to reward a good score, not a category is has absolutely no interest for benching. To bench 4-way in Win7 for 3DMark01 is like competing in the special olympics L.E: You're changing a little the rules of the game. You want to give normal people reason to bench and I get that, but the distribution of points does not reflect the value of score. This is just my opinion
  10. This is one of the many problems that proves that I was right and 60 Global Point for every WR was a bad ideea: http://hwbot.org/forum/showthread.php?t=34300&page=2 95k 3DMark01 is a spectacular WR that deserves 60 Global Points? Note that it has more points than no. 7 in single card ranking which is infinitely more difficult to achieve: http://hwbot.org/submission/2213728_splave_3dmark2001_se_geforce_gtx_580_137407_marks Is it unfair or I'm crazy?
  11. This is exactly why I said 60 Global Points for every unsignificant WR is a bad ideea
  12. With R4E you don't need any tricks, you concentrate on what the CPU can do... that's how a board should be. Get R4E and then you will forget everything else
  13. Try with them enabled and tri-channel P.S: You realize that on GD65 you used 2133MHz and on UD7 you used 2400MHz, right?
  14. I tested with C0 and still the same... I think the problem is someplace else as I'm not the only one with this problem
  15. Binning on air is useless, -10 to -20 should be a good binning temperature at around 1.6v just to be sure
  16. It doesn’t boot, the LEDs light up but the Debug LED don’t show anything. It seems like a problem with CPU VRM, just one phase lights up and the CPU does not receive voltage...
  17. Thank god someone beat me, now I have motivation to push harder
  18. I think the MB is the problem, not the IMC. I tried more than one CPU and neither one did under 2550MHz RAM freq on R4E... 1.25x multiplier also don't work on ASRock X79 Extreme 4 but I managed close to 2500MHz MEM speed with the same CPU that did 2600MHz on R4E. Oh, and MSI X79A-GD65 (8D) was DOA
  19. I don't have 8 modules I will test single-sided vs double-sided when my PSC arrive next week. For me SPI32m on SB-E is pretty useless because I have 5950MHz 2500k but no time to mount 4x2GB Elpida Hyper and get a proper score
  20. It can, but you need to be smart I did a performance analysis between 2500k, 2600k, 3930k and 3960x at 5GHz here: http://lab501.ro/procesoare-chipseturi/studiu-de-overclocking-asus-rampage-iv-extreme-sandy-bridge-e/17 Also you can find out that tri-channel is much better than dual-channel or quad-channel on SB-E here: http://lab501.ro/procesoare-chipseturi/studiu-de-overclocking-asus-rampage-iv-extreme-sandy-bridge-e/18
  21. Yes, it's not possible to go above default multi (33x) when you have Turbo Off
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