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  1. So after all the 2666c11 with MFR are allowed or not because I didn't catch it?
  2. Samsung don't scale with cold, so if their scores are real then they will not get more than 3500MHz even if on cold
  3. They don't send VGA's anymore either, at least to me Not good marketing, if you ask me...
  4. I can confirm that all retail 4GB 2400C11 I documented are double sided... so no MFR I will say that even if this exists should be banned from this competition because they are much to rare...
  5. I guess you binned some 2400C11 Hynix CFR sticks, because I'm nowhere near that with some random stick
  6. Unfortunately more volts made the MB blow up itself and also the CPU These chips are low leakage to sustain the 5GHz freq on air, so a good FX-8XXX should be better that any of the FX-9XXX
  7. Thanks, efficiency is decent but the CPU wasn't great... next results will be on Haswell
  8. Finished testing, now packing and tommorow we leave for Taipei... see you there guys!
  9. No, E7737IMS.MOA is the BIOS we will be using
  10. I will not use VID mod... latest BIOS + 100ohm pot works best for me also
  11. Unfortunatelly (from what I understand from MSI) it's mandatory to use their latest VGA BIOS and their mods...
  12. Tried higher vmem and check if you can go over 1800MHz?
  13. That's not bad, it was full pot? How many volts in GPU and MEM?
  14. This solution is the best... you have +700mV in ABX with that BIOS
  15. )) yeah, right Solved for the moment, new BIOSes are alot better: 5GHz CPU / 2400MHz mem boots on air in Win
  16. It's with the Kingston's 4x2GB 2400C11... the ones from the final I tried also with Dominator GTX8, the same
  17. Yes, tried all combination... it just shuts down, the on again, 5-6 sec then shut down again, and so on
  18. Anyone knows why I can't boot with 4 DIMMs installed? With only 2 it works fine...
  19. New 1500 BIOS sucks balls, old one rulz... can run 1500MHz on air
  20. Hey Fester, did you test no 1 and 2 on air also?
  21. It's not supplied in the retail package and it costs 109$ on Amazon P.S: Regular miniDP -> DVI adapters shipped with various VGAs work in single-link mode only so it will not work... P.S 2: Did anyone test with GPU Reactor on and off? From my tests on air I saw little to no difference (maybe stable with less voltage at same clocks but I must test again to confirm)
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