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  1. Hello, Could you please delete these submissions please? https://hwbot.org/submission/536.2.0_core_i9_13900k_13949_marks/ Thank you....
  2. Hello, I submited a new xtu score today running latest xtu 2.0 and the submission says that I use ES or unreleased hardware, which is not true and my previous submissions had the same H/w without having that remark edit: Update: It was the vga Bios...
  3. ok, found it... ...psu ocp ?? Damn, it's been so long I forgot about the fundamentals ?
  4. Hello guys, I am playing around with this card which uses as vcore pwm the up1983A. I managed to find the FB sense which is working without any other modification(seems like it at least), and the 10hm on the ina 3221. Thing is that when the vga draws ~300w+ the card shuts down like an over current protection. (I guess) Any recommendations of how I could bypass it? Any help will be appreciated http://www.upi-semi.com/en-article-upi-362-1484
  5. Hi there, I hava a question. There are 2 versions of 5670. 512mb and 1024mb. Shouldn't be there 2 different categories?
  6. Just received this mail. Hello, An hwbot crew member, demiurg, has blocked one of your submitted scores. It has been marked as 'incorrect submission'. This was the reason the user gave: Please be more careful with submission You can view your result here: http://www.hwbot.org/result.do?resultId=572852 You can find out more about the reporting user here: http://www.hwbot.org/user.do?userId=5330 Yours sincerely, the hwbot.org team If you no longer want to recieve reports of your results, please modify your profile: http://www.hwbot.org/profile.account.do But i dont even remember the score. If sth was wrong it is so hard to leave it for a while as reported so i ll be able to correct it? And the reason"Please be more careful with submission" doesent tell me anything.Maybe it doesn't have cpu-z.I really dont remember What was the problem? Thanx
  7. 5 days late but thanx everybody(richba5tard , psilos , Turrican , Monstru , Massman , GoriLLakos) I just get informed for this thread
  8. Your and our lives would by much easier if many thinks were different.
  9. You think that we are so foolish to write down that we benched together an then upload both of us results with the same cpu??? Here you are. You re wellcome
  10. this was my cpu. And the result goes to one account or the owner of cpu. mortisboy benched alone with his cpu bought it @ 4/2/2008 Get your damn translator or report before deleting http://www.thelab.gr/showthread.php?postid=672685#post672685 and unblock my score immediately and any other scores you blocked.
  11. I dont now why but someone deleted this result. The only reason that i can imagine is that the score has the same result with giorgos.th and exact same checksum(http://www.hwbot.org/result.do?resultId=676961). Any other reason for complete remove? And its not the first time that happens.
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