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WTB: 3D 6Ghz+ 4770k


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Guest TheMadDutchDude

06 only uses 4 cores, so disabling HT can yield higher clocks and will give you the same CPU score at the same clocks as far as I am aware.

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Hmm, don't understand that then as the 4770's running up the top of the tables are 4/8. If that's the case then why not run them 4/4 with potential higher clock?


Must have looked through at least 50 subs across different gpu's for 06 and can't find a single 4770k in the top ten that runs 4/4.

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They are many who use more than 2 cores in 2001 as well,do ypu have an explanation for them ?


Bud,there are different opinions,you don't have to get angry if somebody has one different than yours.

Try whatever you see fit,but at a certain point you have to test yourself the theory.

Btw,3dmark 2005 it works perfect on 2c .




http://hwbot.org/submission/2371342_threedhero_3dmark05_geforce_gtx_260_216sp_48247_marks (4c/8t)



Good luck with the thread,i'm sorry if my posts get you angry,say a word and i'm gonna remove them. Free bump.

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