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FS Xeon L3014


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Hi guys, im seling these 2 Chips :)



Second is Xeon L3014 Singlecore CPU, best Chip for Hwbot Prime :) Its used 1 time on LN2, score is in my Profile.

Im looking for 30 Euro+shipping


Will ship to everywhere in the world ;)



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Hy Moose, can you explain me, why the Xeon X5698 are 2 cores?

Because I interpret it like that;

X= higher TDP

5yyy= 5th Generation - Nehalm 32nm

y6yy= 6 cores

yy98= high, very high tact.


Lol use google and dont spam here!

Post here if you want buy something lol :D

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So... Dhemon is funny buyer and should leave all my sells!!!!!!!!!

Cpu again is for sell :)

L3014 again to sell, highest bid get it :D

Starting bid is 30 Euro,highest bid get the Chip :) running till tomorrow 12pm :D

Only real bids are allowed, dont write here if you want to only get posts!!!!!!!!

Next time i get fun bid i go to layer, Dhemon get out of all my sells and all other fools :(

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