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Stermy57 - GeForce4 Ti 4200 64 @ 325/312.5MHz - 3464 marks 3DMark2000


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HwOverdrive OC team :)


First Backup

Second run this time made with an incredible AMD K6-3+ 400 1.6v Low power



FSP Fortron 300W

AMD K6-3+ 400Mhz@ 600Mhz @120*5 @2.0v

ASUS P5A rev 1.03 1011 005 BETA BIOS

256MB PC133 Infineon

Creative@MSI GeForce 4 TI 4200 @325Mhz Core 625Mhz Ram

Quantum Fireball 40GB AS


Note:I was obligated to use Crystal CPU-ID because CPU-Z v1.57 (Last version that runs under windows 98) show me only a blue screen of dead! I think that is only a conflict between the ASUS P5A and windows 98 because with VIA MVP3-MVP4 mainboards this type of CPU-Z works fine...

At the end i used Rivatuner because GPU-Z doesn't support Windows 98 ;)

If you need a video or more i have no problem!


I think that i can do better with the Gigabyte GA-5AX

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