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Splave.ROM - 3x GeForce GTX 980 @ 1766/2153MHz - 28281 marks Catzilla - 1440p


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...very nice run! ...upping the GPU voltskies ?! is on my mind, but I picture vultures circling over my GPUs in the HWBot desert ;-)


1.52v load, I wish i could get your temps!


I have a 5 gallon bucket filled with RV antifreeze and a 35F garage, hitting 45c load after a while. Maybe need to throw the radiator in some ice or something.

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...yes, the local Safeway here sells the 8 pds ice 'blocks' which are very useful w/ rad in ice-bucket approach...living in a condo w/ 22 c ambient (Canadian-cold driveway is 30 stories below...), I even got close to the dew point a few times w/ those ice blocks...just fetching 6 x8 pds of those in one trip is also good exercise ;-)

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