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rkinslo - GeForce GTX 760 @ 1210/1581MHz - 254617 marks 3DMark - Ice Storm


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Maybe you found a monster tweak, maybe it's a buggued run. If you can redo it then congratz :) If you cannot then remove you submission. Your score looks obviously suspicious with 656 Graphic score against 528k for fugger with 780 Ti.

Cmon man, you did 350365 fps at GT1 where you should be around 2000fps :D

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yeah lol we have a few guys with these "legit" unrepeatable runs too


since this one is still online, apparently thats OK?

if so

maybe it should be a battle of the bugs?



edit: this was sarcasm, for those who take everything literally or those with english as second language/google translate :)

i'll be serious for a moment and tell you what i told our boys on our home forum a short while back;


a sub like that, you will likely be asked to reproduce it.

or, a video with a run that scores similarly.


everything can be "valid" but still be a bugged run.



if you cant do the above, dont post it, simple as that.

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