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  1. Then Bullant also, and Hideo, and Der8aeur for his 61k 3DM06 and MANY MANY MANY others. I think this rule need a clarification.
  2. When I say that the Impact is a true monster on mem, it is not sponsored bunnyextraction :D So far, no lucky crack-free session with the Impact so the CPU is not maxed out. But I reached 6.1 XTU at -165° 1.8v wich is exactly similar to what it does on Gene and Extreme.
  3. Let me clarify... 4 dimm is better on ASRock, MSI and Asus but only on air. Go with 2 dimm on LN2 and you will see by yourself
  4. Very strong benching mate... As we should all know, the chip does not max out by itself
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