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I lost my points!

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So my benchs disappeared, just like that?


I have benchs with:



asus p5q-e

evga p55 ftw

asus p5e3 premium wifi

abit al8

abit bh7

asus p3b-f



i5 661




pentium 4 630

celeron 1.8 willamette

celeron 2.0 northwood

duron 800 mobile

pentium 3 450 slot1

pentium 2 333 slot1

pentium 2 350 slot1

pentium 1 100

k6-2 500

k6-2 450



asus eax1300 pro

msi 6200 tc


And some others that I don't remember right now

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None of those results are in the database; seems like they are just hard-deleted :-/


We have backups from our database, so it should be possible to find them back ... but it's going to take a few days (might not be this week). The best thing you can do is try to re-submit as much as possible.

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Ok thanks, take your time, I don't have back up of all my benchs (especially the old ones), so please if you can recover all my scores I'll be gratefull. I spend a lot of money (and time) to acquire that hardware. Thanks again!!

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