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Kaveri and high VDIMM

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Really? I've run 2.3v on a regular basis on air with richland and 2.4v with cold and no damage done


I remounted the CPU. Used 2 different motherboards and 2 different kits of RAM in 8 different slot configurations. Channel B is screwed and I never had my NB voltage above 1.375V so channel B died from VDIMM.


The maximum official VDDIO for AMD 28nm designs is 100mV less than for 32nm parts.

It is highly advised not to exceed 1.7V even temporarily or you will risk frying the IMC.


Well that's freaking perfect. I'm using my A88X system as a sort of try stupid stuff test bench which obviously includes high RAM voltage. Now it looks like I need to get a haswell chip to do that.

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