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MaddMutt - DDR3 SDRAM @ 1023MHz - 33418 MByte/sec. MaxxMem Read Bandwidth


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I received 0 points for my memory clock. I took my basic DDR3 1600 ( 800 x 2 ) and OC it to 1099.x, that is almost 300MHz over it's rated speed. When you can take your DDR3 2400 ( 1200 x 2 ) to 1500, ..........................


Thank You For Your Time

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I'm working on trying to reproduce the score. It's 0535 East Coast and I'll have to reprep my memory and CPU as I did before. From testing so far, the score looks like a one off. I don't know if I get to keep it, but some where - some how it looks like I caused a bug. This is also my gaming/every day computer, so when I run benches, I have to go and shut down a lot of stuff that is not needed.

"QUOTE" websmile says:


43 minutes ago – You load result like this which is twice as high than people with higher speeds on all fields and do not consider it to be bugged? :D Very ambitious^^ "QUOTE"


I had just added Fujipoly/ModRight Thermal Pad 150 x 100 x 0.5 - Thermal Conductivity 11.0 W/mK to my water cooled memory and had reseated the cpu cooler with new AS5. This was my first program benched and it looked like I had found the sweet spot on my memory.


Thank You For Your Time


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I tried to remove the score as I was unable to reproduce another.

I was being redirected to the error page because I had submitted it during a Competition.

I kept getting "You need a screen shot, You must enter a score, The timeline for submitting scores ended on 04-04-2015, Ect, Ect,

I had to get my team captain's help in removing this BUGGED score.


I apologize for any and all possible psychological pain that this might have caused other members.


Thank You For Your Time

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