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henkenator68NL - Core i7 4790K @ 4800MHz - 2461 marks XTU


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The score is in pace with the boosted frequency.


The tweak I use . Is one from a long list that is in use for years by all off us. I don't alter anything that is not within normal tweaks or whatsoever. ..

During the test I don't touch my systems. I can do it on 3770K. 4770K an 4930K also.. complete different platforms. One had complete new motherboard yesterday and complete fresh installed win7 64bit ultimate. Latest XTU version etc etc. No faul play.


I saw today that ln2 benchers still use the slowmode (tweak? ?????????) trick. Run XTU en if not stable at all. Only need 1 high spike on frequency and Than flip slowmode... that is in no different 5han my tweak.. although one might bring to table if manualy chance is the determination factor...than flipping a slowmode switch would immediately disqualify a hole bunch of scores. And the entire ranking needs to be turned upside down to take those results out of the picture..


See my YouTube movie

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I don´t think you cheat, I saw the video - XTu is bugged crap, the result is not legit, but not because of you... you have 1,33v air cpu and program shows above 6,2ghz spike, impossible this frequency is real, so it is bug in the crap program. Good you did show the problem

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