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[FS] SDR SDRAM PC-133@200+ Mhz (Italy)(Worldwide shipping)


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For sale this fantastic SDR SDRAM PC-133 128Mb over 200Mhz CL3 frequency.

Tested with my TUSL2-C at 3.7V on ram.


Shipping costs:

- Priority mail Italy - € 2

- Registered mail Italy - € 5

- Priority mail International - € 5

- Registered mail International - € 10


Payment: Paypal


1. € 15 803e77f83f69e1e5ec815b9b3350a3c3.jpg



2. € 14 5c6e465ef8911813c032562accd6ef99.jpg



3. € 10 - not available, sold at Jumper118 67d97c7bd5dc32dee7c93551722839de.jpg


4. € 8 ae0edb0effc318e3eb3f775778184d28.jpg

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Out of curiosity... since when Asus TUSL2-C can do 3.7V on the poor rams? :D


You did some voltmods, did not you? :) Like these?


Always. Without jumper the voltage is 3.3V, jumper between pins 1&2 made a 3.45V, between 2&3 made a 3.60V, between 3&4 made a 3.7V, between 1&2 and 3&4 contemporary provide 3.85V Vdimm. ;)

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Wow. That made the board somewhat ready for very serious overclocks! I starting to like it, but getting 2-2-2-7 at 216MHzis kinda rare:



Need absolutely amaizing rams, tough :)))

I have one bank get 211mhz with 2-2-2-7 on air. ;););) not verified with cold for moment.

Is very rare banks...

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211MHz you say? Great at 2-2-2! That is kinda close, but to beat that score I posted above, one need 220MHz 2-2-2 rams. No BUTs or IFs, 220MHz 2-2-2-7 or that score cannot be beaten :DGradus says that they mostly hate cold, so I did not expecting better results with cold, but you are welcome to try. Maybe different chips react good with cold? Dunno.


Cold usually helps (less noise in the chip), but who knows...?


Time to find these magic modules... :) Out of curiosity, what capacity/label/chip type are these good 211MHz 2-2-2 ones?

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