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RVE $350 USD


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never used it, I got a soc champ by the time I got a x99 chip, so this has been sitting in my cabinet for 6+ months. I never powered it on. I'll check to see it works before shipping.

all accesories included. wifi, rog tool, door hanger... manual driver disc, might be short on sli or sata cables but thatd be it.



there are a few aesthetic issues with the heatsinks but its not really too noticable. detailed in pics



350$+ shipping anywhere








Note to any mods: I'd really appreciate it if you dropped the 400$ in the thread title.

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I tested it last night. It did r15 first power on. With xmp and 4.5ghz preset no probs. My sticks are c16 3333 as well so not super easy.


Its pretty much sold now, just some formalities left.

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