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GPUPI for CPU "invalid result?"


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Hello, I keep getting "invalid result" on GPUpi for CPU, not sure what I'm doing wrong to invalidate it.


I just installed all the things it told me I needed, and ran it after some other benchmarks I've ran today.


I installed version 2.1.1 and I'm running 64 bit on Windows 7, I also got the "open CL runtime" from intel's site that GPUpi's website told me I needed.


Here's a picture:





any help would be greatly appreciated, let me know if you need anything else for pictures I'd be glad to help.

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does it also do this at stock cpu speeds? if so then something wrong, if not you OC'ed too far :)


hmm, it was passing everything else, maybe it was unstable somehow.


At 4.5 & 3.5 cache I can pass it, so it must of been unstable somehow.

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Use the AMD APP SDK anyway, much faster.
For 100M on Intel CPUs the Intel OpenCL driver seems to be the fastest choice in my tests.


For 1B I would plug in an AMD card and install the newest Catalyst driver and use their OpenCL platform.

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It was always slower for me and I've tested it on quite a few cpus. Why install the driver, sdk can be installed without it. Except 3.0, but that's beta anyway.
Have a look at the best 100M scores, most of them go for the Intel drivers, like here.

You have to know that 100M uses the kernel with only 64 bit arithmetic, while 1B uses 64 bit for partial results up to and including 500M, but a special 128 bit arithmetic kernel for above. That's where the AMD drivers are strong.


I would not go for the APP SDK because the drivers are too old. With the 3.0 beta you will only get the Omega 14.2 Catalyst driver. Newer versions of the OpenCL driver are currently only available with the Catalyst for graphics cards.

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